Sessions are available in person or at a distance by phone or Skype. Clients can receive a traditional psychotherapy session, or request the intuitive energetic approach to be included in the session. A minimum of twenty minutes is reserved for the energetic/body work within the hour or ninety minute duration.

I am a provider with Aetna, Cigna, First Choice/Kaiser, and Regence, insurance. For private pay clients, who otherwise cannot afford services, a sliding fee is available based on level of income and frequency of visits; however, the full session rate is charged for the initial session.

To book a private session, or class, call or email . Payments are accepted at the time of session or class, by cash or check. Credit or debit is accepted by pre-paying through PayPal; please contact, Jennifer, for PayPal payment instruction.

60 Minute Talk Therapy Session
$125 - See More

Traditional psychotherapy techniques are employed for clients who prefer a linear style and approach.

60 Minute Intuitive Energetic Talk Therapy Session
$125 - See More

Psychotherapy is included, along with intuitive energetic techniques to access patterns in consciousness that are addressed on a quantum based level to evolve into a higher state of awareness. Emotionally charged issues lose their potency or are reduced to nothing. Chronic pain and limited mobility may also be improved as a result.

90 Minute Intuitive Energetic Talk Therapy Session

$150 - See More

The same approach as in the sixty minute, with an added half hour, for clients who have more to process through linear dialogue.

60 Minute Counseling or Energetic Practitioner Consultation/Mentoring Session
$125 - See More

Beginning therapists and intuitive practitioners in training, or who are new to the field receive insight and techniques into their client cases.

Space Blessing/Clearing
$100/hr - See More

Shift and clear the energy in your space to create a greater sense of harmony in your home or work space. Healing your space also removes negative entities and unwanted spirits.


Space is limited, please register prior to a class or an event by contacting Jennifer


Jennifer Yost is available for guest appearances to give talks and group healings at your event.

Healing with The Divine Egyptian Council

Next Council Journey TBA, 1:00-2:30pm; $25

Journey with Horus to energetically meet with a council of nine Egyptian deities, and other gods/goddesses who may join the session. Receive insights, healing, and downloads to higher unity consciousness and your divine purpose. This is a group meditation intuited by, Jennifer Yost, MA, where you can transmute life patterns and situations, and ask questions about your career path, relationships, global events.

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Horus Horus


The Divine Egyptian Council represents a spiritual and intuitive energetic connection that Jennifer Yost has with a main group of deities and other various Gods and Goddesses who sometimes wish to present themselves in guided group journey ceremonies, and private healing sessions. These deities have played a role throughout the ages in the evolution of our consciousness on planet Earth, and it seems that they are here once again, making their presence known to us, as they've done before when we've made leaps in our awareness of who we Truly are.

Since 2012, these deities have been coming to, Jennifer, energetically through different 'initiation rites,' in which they anointed her to be their representative of their perspectives about Love, Truth, and Divine Order. She had no reference point of these divine beings until googling them after energetic interactions. After a revelation of these visitations in 2015, it became clear to fulfill a speaking role with these deities.

The main deities of, The Divine Egyptian Council, are: Vishnu, Set, Anubis, Ammit, Horus, Osiris, Isis, Maat, and, Thoth. Horus, the God of Truth, is the main patron to, Jennifer. He allows access to the Council during Journey Sessions. People experience their presence and energy through Jennifer's and their own impressions.

Since this is a relatively new development in, Jennifer’s career path, guided group meditative journeys are currently available to experience the wisdom and healing energy of these deities. You may also see Blog entries for Journey insights and experiences. During private healing sessions, Horus, or other deities sometimes show up to assist in facilitating your process.

Visit Jen's Blog and The Divine Egyptian Council Facebook Page for more information.

Doubly Divine Radio
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Jennifer Yost and Justice Bartlett, share their insights, intuitions, humor, and energetic support on various topics, for your evolution and everyday living. Podcast has concluded rd Find Archives, SoundCloud, Facebook, and iTunes. Find out more at

The One Gathering

The One Gathering, TBA in 2018 Contact Jennifer for inquiries.

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This multi-sensory program expands heart-centered consciousness to harmonize and create more abundance in your life. Through live music, inspirational talks, high energetic frequency graphics, and a crowd healing attunement, The One Gathering, energizes and entertains, while facilitating healing on all levels of your being.

Get ticket info and learn more at